8 weeks, 9 states, 3 mountain ranges, and about 3800 miles. For those who don’t already know, the long haul is a self supported (we’re transporting all of our gear on our bikes) cross country bike tour, starting from San Francisco and ending in Yorktown VA. The first portion of the tour follows Adventure Cycling’s Western Express. On the second day out of San Francisco we’ll be climbing our first mountain range. Once over the Sierra’s we’ll be descending into Nevada to follow what has been described as America’s loneliest highway. As we approach Utah, we’ll be faced with our second mountain range the Rockies.

At mile 1,589 the route ends in Pueblo, CO and meets up with the classic Transamerica trail. From there it will be about 2196 miles to Yorktown. To complete the trip within 8 weeks we hope to average about 75 miles a day. We expect to be camping 5-6 nights a week, saving hotel stays for foul weather days and the occasional reward of a matress and hot shower. For anyone considering a tour of their own either long or short, the maps published by Adventure Cycling are a fantasic resource. The routes primarily use small US highways and county roads, doing their best to keep the route bike friendly. They are chock full of detailed service information such as camp sites, hotels,  gas stations, and of course bike shops.

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