Day 2, West Sacramento, Tired of climbing already

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We tried to get an early start this morning, but we didn’t actually get on the road until 9:45am. But, that’s ok, today was supposed to be a shorter ride, and there was a lovely bike path from Sacramento all the way to Folsom and we knocked out the first 30 miles pretty easily. There was a great bike shop in Folsom, Bicycles Plus, they helped Mike convert the valve on our tire pump, they gave us cold water, a water bottle and t-shirts, and we didn’t even buy anything! We did underestimate the distance into Folsom a bit, so it was 2pm by the time we stopped for lunch and we ended up gorging ourselves on pasta (and salad – that’s for my mom). We learned that gorging yourself is never a good idea, especially not before a 20 mile climb. I had a lot of trouble with this – it was hot and steep, and I wasn’t sure that I could make it. But, I did, and we rolled into our hotel in Placerville at 7:22pm. Tomorrow the real climbing begins, but today we knocked out another 70 miles.
– Sarah

Update: Placerville’s nickname is hangtown, apparently due to the frequent hangings in the mid 1800’s. This probably had something to do with the gold rush since Sutter’s mill is just 5-10 miles to the northwest.

7 Responses to “Day 2, West Sacramento, Tired of climbing already”

  1. Marcos Dinnerstein Says:

    Hi Guys, Fun pics! What are you using to get the nice slide show effects? I’m glad to hear things are going well so far. If you want to link to that bike shop in Folsom their URL is: Keep posting!


  2. Z Says:

    Living vicariously through your posts! Thanks and keep on rock’n it!


  3. Nate Says:

    Hey guys, what an adventure! You should make a little detour and head North to Portland. We’ll feed you all the carbs you can load. It’s only 623 miles out of your way… that’s nothing!

    Good riding!

  4. Jim Says:

    Looking forward to hearing about your mountain adventures.

  5. Steve, Cathy, Michael, Maggie Says:

    We sure are glad to hear from you guys. We’ve been anxious to see where you are. Keep us posted. We love the pictures. I got some good ones on Sunday. I’ll send them if you can give me Mike’s phone number.
    Michael wants to ask Mike what the hardest climb is that you have in front of you.
    Maggie says, “I hope that you are having a good time. And, I hope you have fun camping.”
    Cathy says, “I hope your sleeping bags are warm and your pillow is soft”.

  6. Sarah Says:

    Thanks everyone.
    Nate – I think that Portland may be a bit oo far out of the way – we only have 7 1/2 weeks left before Mike has to be back at work, but next year we’re going to tackle the Pacific coast, so we’ll make Portland a definite stop – say hi to Pam for me.

    Steve and Cathy – Thanks for helping us get started on our trip. Our sleeping bags and pillows are working out great.

    Maggie – we are having a lot of fun, and camping has been great.

    Michael – Mike thinks that our hardest climbs will be in Utah, we still have to climb over the Rockies, but now that we’ve gotten over the Sierra’s, we’re super strong!

  7. admin Says:

    Hey Marcos,

    I think the slide show thing is called simple slide show for wordpress. There are a bunch of slide show plugins available for wordpress, but this one worked best for me when making posts from my iPhone.

    – Mike

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