Day 46, Appalachian rollercoaster

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It rained pretty hard throughout the night, but no thunder and lightening, at least as far as we knew. The sky was just clearing up as we awoke, so despite getting a little wet yesterday, our luck weatherwise has been extremely good. David the proprietor of the B&B and Hindman historical society treated up to nice continental breakfast, while Pewter and Inky a couple of his cats entertained us. David had stayed up the whole night documenting geneology of the area.

Our spirits were up. We had full stomachs, a good nights rest, and the weather was looking great for an Autumn ride in the Appalachians. We haven’t been able to make the progress we would like as we’ve entered these hills/mountains, so we’ve been a little discouraged. The climbs are not extremely high. The larger ones usually not exceeding much more than 1000 feet so far. They are very steep though and after 2 or 3, you might as well have climbed a high mountain pass. Today we were well motivated because we’d finally be entering our ninth and final state Virginia.

The days ride took it’s toll. We had several of those steep 1000 ft climbs. When we reached the top of the worst one, we had another canine incident. This time from 2 frolicking puppies who wandered down a gravel driveway at the top of the mountain. No barking, no growling, just curious licks and muddy paw prints as they tried to climb our legs.

We finally reached Virginia and Breaks Interstate park around 5:30. The park looked beautiful, but we decided to press on another 11 miles of climbing to Haysi, so tomorrow’s ride might be a little more managable. The one catch with Haysi is the motel is the Hill Top Motel. It’s name is very accurate. We had to ride a mile or two off route to the top of another hill/mountain to get to it. Hopefully we’ll get a great sunrise view in the morning thanks to our hill top location.

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