Day 47, Short cut

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When we left our motel this morning, we were greeted by a heavy fog over the mountain. Since our motel was in the middle of nowhere (and pretty crappy, no tv, no Internet, definitely no continental beakfast – but that’s what you get for $31) we had to make do with a quick breakfast of bananas and granola bars. I miss the hospitality of David and the historical society already. We figured that we would pick up something more substantial in the next town.

Just our luck, the next two towns did not have an open restaurant, so we settled for some weak coffee and microwaved sausage biscuits at a gas station. Maybe lunch would be better -no such luck, we were stuck with gas station food again and my chicken sandwich was raw in the middle – which I only realized after I had already eaten half of it. My stomach was so turned that I didn’t even bother getting a new one. Now I am anxiously awaiting my spagetti and meatball dinner to arrive. But, back to our day, there was plenty of bike riding along with all the attempts at eating.

We had two big climbs today, one with a peak over 3,000 ft. which is as high as we’ve been since Colorado. 60 miles into our ride, we decided to go off route and head east to Marion VA, instead of south to Damascus. The published route we have been (mostly) following takes us very far south, nearly to N. Carolina, and up some mountains. I am sure it would be beautiful, but, we’ve climbed plenty of mountains, and our new route will save us nearly a day of riding, which we need in order to stay on schedule. Tomorrow we will get back on route, that much closer to home.

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