Day 48, Hokie country

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When we stay at a hotel with free continental breakfast we like to take advantage. This mornings breakfast was a little weak. No hard boiled eggs, no fruit, no yogart, and a waffle maker that didn’t work. Ah well we just had to fill up on cold cereal and bad donuts. Last night we checked the web for the progress of some of our riding campanions. We found that the other Mike had to interrupt his trip because of a family illness. We found his post regarding his ride with us.

The ride itself was pretty uneventful. After about 12 miles we reconnected with our route, our shortcut saving us at least 30 miles and a lot of climbing. We’re out of coal mining country and seem to be passing through the southern edge of the Shenandoah valley. The terrain has changed to rolling grassy farmland. We still have the momentary gut wrenching climb as we dip between hills, but no major climbs.

We reached our destination Christiansburg after 81 miles. Tomorrow we start on our last map, with only 367 miles to go. We’re excited because tomorrow we’re going to meet our friends Eric & Meg, and their family. Eric has boldly signed up to ride with us the next few days to their place outside Charlottesville. One of those days will be our last really hard ride of the trip, climbing up to the Blur Ridge Parkway. My prediction? PAIN!

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