Day 49, Eric joins the ride

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It was supposed to rain early this morning, unfortunately it didn’t actually start raining until we went to get breakfast around 9am. We let ourselves sleep in a bit and got a later start today because we were meeting Eric early in the afternoon, and our mileage today would be relatively short. Because of the unfortunate rain, we ended up hanging out in our motel room until check out time at 11am. Luckily, by then the rain had stopped. Our good fortune with the weather remains, if not perfect, still pretty darn good.

The weather today remained overcast, but this only seemed to intensify the beautiful fall colors of the landscape. After a short 28 miles of rolling hills, we reached Catawba. Mike and I stopped at a gas station/deli, ordered a couple of Italian subs and waited for Eric and Meg to arrive.

Once Eric joined us, we only had an easy 20 miles left to ride. We arrived at our destination, Daleville, around 5pm, which gave us plenty of time to hang out with Eric, relax in our hotel room, drink beer and eat Mexican food. We only rode 48 miles today, but it was a pretty fun time, and we are still right on schedule.


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