Day 50, Lightened load

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When we met with Eric and Meg yesterday we decided to unload a few things that we could do without the next couple of days. Since we didn’t plan on camping the next two nights we wouldn’t need our tent. We also temporarily unloaded the bourbon we had picked up in Bardstown, as well as some spare bike parts. In all we probably unloaded 10-15 lbs of gear. Riding with the reduced load was a nice relief.

We were only planning a 50 mile ride today to get to Lexington, since that is the last place with a motel before reaching our approach to the climb up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. On our way we crossed paths with yet another group of west bound transam riders. They were carrying a lot of gear and would probably need it since cold weather should be rapidly approaching in the West and Midwest.

We reached Lexington fairly early and stopped at the Stonewall Jackson cemetery to check out the tomb. Scattered around the statue of the revered confederate strategist were fresh lemons. Legend has it they were his favorite treat. After a quick late lunch we secured our motel room. Our ride tomorrow will be a lot more difficult, about 65 miles with a lot of climbing.

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