Day 53, Home stretch

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Ourl night camping outside the volunteer fire department in Mineral didn’t turn out as restful as we hoped. We were about 100 feet from a railroad track and 12-3 AM seemed to be it’s rush hours. It was extremely loud.

After we woke up and broke camp we grabbed breakfast at the nearby diner which closed too early for us to get dinner the previous night. It just so happened that they had a “biker’s special”. 3 eggs, sausages & bacon, hashbrowns, biscuits and sausage gravy. It’s probably a good guess they get a lot of cyclists per season.

We didn’t have a particlarly aggressive ride planned for the day. We wanted to get to Mechanicsville about 60 miles away because that was the last place within reach we could get a motel. We had a weather front on our heels and wanted a roof over our heads for the night.

Keeping on route has been particularly easy in Virginia because the roads are clearly marked as an established bike route 76. This makes the ride through autumn forests and ripe fields that much more relaxing.

We made it to Mechanicsville with a light drizzle and a bustling rush hour in the late afternoon. We’re really looking forward to completing our ride tomorrow with about 81 miles to go. It’s hard to believe our journey is almost over.

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