Day 54, Destination Yorktown

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We made it! After 3,856 miles it’s still hard to believe. We’re exhausted, ecstatic, relieved, and a little sad that the adventure that I’ve fantasized about for many years is now over. Time to start fantasizing about a new one. On this trip we’ve met and heard about other people with their own adventures that make ours seem pretty tame. From unicycling off road the great divide, to hiking the Appalacian Trail.

As it turns out our luck with weather would finally run out on the last day of the ride. The weather front that we hoped to dodge with our stay at a motel was still going pretty strong when we woke up. There was also another front coming from the northwest about a day away, so we couldn’t just wait it out. Besides we had family anxiously expecting our arrival in Yorktown later in the afternoon. So we had to start our day riding in the rain, something we had miraculously avoided the entire trip.

It was cold and wet, with the precipitation alternating between drizzle mist and steady showers. The morning traffic getting out of the Richmond added an extra touch of unpleasantness to the ride. Like every other day, we just kept pedaling and eventually things changed. The traffic lightened and the rain started to let up. We estimated we had a little over 80 miles to ride to reach Yorktown. We were making really good time and feeling confident we would arrive earlier than expected. We made a slight detour as we approached the colonial parkway in Jamestown, to avoid some road construction. We were delayed a bit, but once on the parkway we happened to pass by one of the infamous goose crossing signs. When I was 17 and had first moved to Yorktown, my dad had asked me to draw a stencil of a goose. He had just started as the new superintendent of the park, and wanted to install a crossing sign for a mother goose and her goslings. Apparently the stencil has survived all these years and is used for new signs.

As we made our final approach on the last 13 miles to Yorktown, Sarah’s parents unsuspectingly drove by and snapped a couple pictures. We were starting to run out of steam and getting a little grumpy. This friendly surprise gave us our second wind for the final stretch. In the next 13 miles Sarah’s parents and my brother repositioned themselves several times for additional photo ops.

We finally rolled down to the Yorktown beach where the river meets the Chesapeak Bay around 5 PM. Greeted by cheers of welcoming family, a congratulations banner, and sparkling cider. We had finally crossed the continent.

There will probably be a couple more posts with addional information and pictures from the trip in the following week. Right now we’re just going to rest on our laurels.

3 Responses to “Day 54, Destination Yorktown”

  1. John Says:

    TransAmerica = PAWNED

  2. John Says:


  3. Zac Says:

    Congrats you two. It’s been great to read about your journey these last couple months. Thank you for sharing.


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