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Day 34, On the Katy

Friday, September 25th, 2009

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We got a bit of a late start this morning. After taking advantage of the free continental breakfast, I decided it was time to swap my front and rear tires. My rear tire has completely warn down to the point that the hard layer of under belting has begun to show through. I guess that’s what 2300 miles will do, especially when it’s bearing most of my weight and a trailer full of gear. If we ever come across a decent bike shop I might look into getting a replacement, otherwise I’ll resort to using the spare I brought along for emergencies.

After a little wandering around in Clinton we found the trail head for the Katy Trail. It was pretty much as I expected, a 10-12 ft wide hard fine gravel packed path. At points cutting across open fields, other times carving a tunnel through the brush and forest. Best of all no cars, trucks, or RV’s to worry about. Also the grades are smoothed into very gradual climbs and descents as opposed to roller coastering. Perhaps the greatest challenge was the kamikazzi squirrels who constantly chose to dive in front of us at the very last moment. We also got surprised by the occasional black snake or turtle we had to dodge. I finally was able to secure the elusive peanut buster parfait at Dairy Queen which I had been searching for since Colorado.

The rougher surface does take a little additional energy to ride so the going is a little slower. We decided to make it a relatively short day and stop at Grove Point 68 miles total. We grabbed dinner at the bar/grill by the trail head and got permission to camp at the town park. Tomorrow we’re going to try and do a 100 plus miles, so we’ll be in easy striking distance of St Charles and the Mississipi on Sunday.

Day 36, Meet me in St. Louis

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

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We finally got the early start we were looking for in Tebbets. We wanted to finish up the Katy Trail today and had over 90 miles to ride over hard packed gravel. Since there was no resturaunt in Tebbets we had to cook our own breakfast.

There’s something to be said for getting an early start especially in the countryside. It was really beautiful and peaceful, though since the spiders on the trail had been busy building traps the night before we found ourselves constantly dodging, sometimes hitting the many webs stretched across the path.

We kept a steady pace throughout the day trying to make good mileage. The closer we got to our destination, the more bike traffic we found on the path, most not posessing our singular focus.

We crossed the Missouri River into the outskirts of St Louis a couple miles short of the end of the trail in the early evening. Eventually we meandered our way to a hotel still on the outskirts in Maryland Heights, total mileage 99.9 miles. Just down the street we were able to find a laundromat and a really good Indian resturaunt, in a strip mall. This was our first non Mexican, non burger, non steak dinner almost since the trip began. Tomorrow we work our way into downtown St Louis and start working our way South along the Mississippi.

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