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Day 10, The outlaw state

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

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Tonight is our last night in Nevada. A couple of things that I have noticed as we say fairwell to this state:
There are a lot of prisons (seemingly) considering the low density of population. We have seen three along our route, just between Carson city and Baker.
The wind here is unpredictable. Just when you think the head wind will never shift, you get a nice tail wind to help you over the last pass.
The lonliest highway is not really that lonely. There are plenty of cars, and we’ve encountered a lot of nice people, both cyclists and others.
This morning we left Ely. It should have been a reasonably easy ride today, only 64 miles and two climbs, but we got a late start, and had a hell of a head wind for the first 20 miles. We stopped in Majors Junction, which is basically just a bar by the side of the road, and had a decent steak sandwich for lunch. We made it into Baker around 3:30pm, got some iced tea and ice cream and waited for the guy who runs the local campsite to show up. By the time we were ready to go to dinner, two guys we had run into in both Eureka and Ely had arrived in town. We ended up having dinner with Jack and John. The restaurant is run by Terry, who is a local photographer, and I had some pretty decent Thai food. This place was definitely a gem, and we really enjoyed ourselves. Tomorrow we have another long, tough day.

Here’s a video clip of our descent into the Great Basin:

Day 21, Rico to Montrose

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

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We made an early departure from Rico this morning, despite the chilly temperatures (in the high 30’s) and our cozy room at the Rico Inn. We didn’t realize it would be quite this cold, but, at an elevation of about 8800 ft., I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised.

We warmed up soon enough, as we started our climb to Lizard Head pass, despite it’s elevation being 10,222 ft., the climb itself was not too bad. We do feel the thin air a bit, but not too badly. We made it to the top by mid-morning, and split a sandwhich in celebration. Then began the long descent.

I have to say, the 12 miles of descent was almost as hard as the climb! We zoomed passed Telluride and coasted into Placerville, which was intended to be our mid-point and lunch stop on the way to Ridgeway. After a quick lunch, we continued to Ridgeway and plowed though our second climb of the day, the Dallas Divide pass. When we got to Ridgeway, it wasn’t even 2:30pm yet, and we were feeling energetic, so we decided to press on another 27 miles (mostly downhill) and end the day in Montrose instead. Of course, we decided to have snack first…

The last 27 miles went by quickly. We were hindered a bit by a strong head wind generated by some thunderstorms that we could see bearing down on us in the distance, but, we managed to skirt the storms and stay dry. As we pulled into Montrose (pop. 12,344) we were amazed to enter the largest city we’ve been near in awhile (Ridgeway had the first actual traffic light that I had seen in at least a week.) complete with strip malls full of Target’s and Dairy Queen’s and Applebee’s. I was a bit overwhelmed. We managed to safely find our campsite, and, with another 89 miles under our belts, we head for Gunnison in the morning.

– Sarah

Here’s a little video clip of our descent down Lizard Head Pass.

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